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Professional Groups

Solutions for
Military Training

Laser Ammo Training Technologies is the nation's premier, expeditionary, and globally integrated virtual and hands-on trainer ready to meet the ever-changing challenges of today and tomorrow.

Laser Ammo is dedicated to assist commanders in prepare leaders that can execute and assess the gates to live fire for training through qualification, advanced marksmanship and individual skill certifications for the individual weapons that reinforces the task mastery necessary for a unit’s success in large scale ground combat warfare.It is our responsibility to carry the torch into the future. Assist with develop a lethal, professional, and technically competent force requires an openness to new ideas and new ways of doing things in an increasingly complex world. So, the war fighter can change and adapt to overcome their adversary. It is our privilege to assist and serve with the best equipped, the best trained, and the best led military in the world, and we will continue to assist in ensuring that it remains that way far into the future.

We do that in four ways:

  • By creating tailor made training strategy with quantifiable results.
  • By creating training aids and systems that continue to challenge the soldier again and again to create a true perfection of arms.
  • By assisting Commanders assess the overall proficiency and effectiveness of their Service Member, demonstrating performance on weaponry tasks, characteristics, capabilities, and function of their assigned individual weapon.
  • Train and educate noncommissioned Officers to assist unit Commanders in the planning and execution of their marksmanship strategy.

For More Information on Laser Ammo Military Solutions, Call 516-858-1262

Developed in the US and Israel, our products are cost affective, portable, reliable, safe, accurate, and built to suit training solutions for all levels of military training from the sole soldier, the ROTC programs and up to actively deployed military units. Designed, built, and tested by former military specialists for today’s military’s needs.

Laser Ammo Snapshot:

Established in 2009

Small Business

GSA Contract # GS-07F-251AA

DUNS: 022644883


NAICS: 423910, 332994, 611699

All lasers are class 1 FDA compatible

Capability Statement Simulator Capability Analysis

Laser Ammo Military Options


Preliminary Live Fire Simulation

Laser Ammo simulator provides a better commander assessment through a simulations-based interactive repeatable demonstration of the Soldiers’ performance that augments live environment training in a virtual environment allowing for advanced tactical engagement scenarios, grouping practice, CBRN, night fire, and gate to live fire exercise which assesses overall proficiency of soldiers and effectiveness of their past UTPs.

Technology provides hands-on evaluation of the soldiers’ demonstrated performance on weaponry tasks, characteristics, capabilities, and function of their assigned individual weapon. It verifies the Soldier’s ability to perform critical tasks, apply immediate and remedial action, and employ the weapon safely during training and tactical operations, as the soldiers must demonstrate proficiency on individual tasks and skills through testable (written) and performance (hands-on) evaluation.

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Reactive Targets

Laser Ammo reactive targets helps the Staff Sergeant to train soldiers on basic firearms techniques like trigger pull, sight alignment and breath control, with their assigned individual weapon.

Laser Ammo reactive targets prepares the soldier better, faster with less use of live ammo (cost savings of time and money) to go from simulated training to the range.

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Miles Training Pistols and Rifles

Add a new level of realism to your engagement simulation systems for force-on-force training with Laser Ammo miles pistols and rifles.

The 9mm SureStrike™ laser cartridge allows shooters to safely practice use of force scenarios with their own weapons, or non-gun platforms such as Laser Ammo recoil or none recoil training firearms, with no projectiles. Making it safe to use MILES guns in places that no projectiles are allowed.

This bullet size SAT fits directly into the chamber of all popular firearm calibers; and is activated by the impact of the firing pin, allowing all of the different drills including holstering with the shooter duty holster. Our adapter system allows the shooter to adapt the same cartridge to all popular calibers, with minimal costs.

The UhrSecure™ system - is a safety measure that renders the chamber uncapable of loading a live round, eliminating the possibility of a live round being loaded during training. The system ensures that the laser is bore sighted ensuring accuracy.

For more realistic training, Laser Ammo offers its high-quality MILES laser solutions with Airsoft or with other recoil platforms like blanks, Simunition or UTM.


America's Longest Established Simulation & Training Magazine

Military Training Technology

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